Pop's student pilot license issued while at Westminster College, January 1943

Completion certificate from Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Training Center, Melville, RI.

Pop's duty pass from Sasebo Japan, 1946

Front of World War II Honorable Discharge papers, dated March of 1946

Rear of World War II discharge papers

Certificate of completion from Quartermaster School

Envelope from letter sent to Pop while at QM school, 1943Front of letter (sent on Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Training Center letterhead)

Letter continued...

Pop's WWII winter PT uniform has been in storage since the 1940's, complete with the crudely sewn patches. (Quartermaster 1st Class rating)Here's Pop's M3 fighting knife.  Most of the leather is still on the handle, so is the US "flaming bomb" proof mark.It looks like Jim visited a leper colony while in the Phillipines.  He brought back an eight page brochure detailing the Culion Leper Colony in the Phillipines.  He also had a coin from the colony (see below).

Pop brought back money from each of the places he stopped in during WWII.  Here is a five Franc note from Algeria, 1942.

A one Franc note from what would become Tunisia, dated 1943.

An Italian 10 Lire note, dated 1939.
US issued occupation money for Italy, a 10 Lire note dated 1943.A 10 Franc note from France, dated 1939.Japanese issued occupation money from Indonesia, a one gulden note.
The Japanese weren't the only ones to issue emergency currency in the Philippines during WWII; this 1942 note apparently helped fund the fight against Japan by Filipino fighters.A 1942-dated deposit certificate for one Peso at the treasury for the Philippine town of Cuyo on the island of Palawan.A very American looking, Japanese issued one Peso note for the Philippine occupation.
Japanese occupation money for the Philippines; a one Centavo note.Japanese occupation money for the Philippines; a ten Centavo note.Japanese occupation money for the Philippines; a 50 Centavo note.
A 1944 issue Japanese 10 Yen note.A 1942 issue Japanese 50 Sen note.A 1938 issue Japanese 50 Sen note.

US issued occupation currency for Japan; 50 Sen note.

US issued occupation currency for Japan; one Yen note.

US issued occupation currency for Japan; five Yen note.

"For Honour and for Her!" card from the Navy; their  way of helping to control the "urges" of its fighting men?  It looks like it used to have a woman's photo mounted in it base on the impression it left.  I have no idea what used to be written on the back page.

ID tag and bracelet from WWII.  "USNR" for United States Navy Reserves, "C" for Catholic, "A" for blood type, "T" for tetnus followed by the date of the booster shot.

5x7 photo wallet with naval insignia on cover.  Contained two 5x7 photos of Pop's then-girlfriend-now-wife Betty.

World War II American Campaign Medal; awarded for service within the continental US for at least one year.  Europe-Africa-Middle East Medal with three stars  Awarded for Pop's service in the Med; stars for Operations Shingle (Anzio), Brassard (Elba) and Dragoon (So. France). World War II Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with one star.  Awarded for Pop's service in the Pacific during 1945; single star for Operation VICTOR III (Palawan Island.)

Philippine Liberation Medal with one combat star.  Awarded for Pop's service in the Philippines.  Occupation Service Medal; awarded for service in Sasebo, Japan, during early 1946.  World War II Victory Medal; awarded for service in the military during WWII.

US Navy Good Conduct Medal (post-war reproduction); awarded for "outstanding performance and conduct during three years of continuous active enlisted service" Original WWII medals featured a straight ribbon with a bronze bar across it.  Combat Action Ribbon; denotes combat service.  National Defense Service Medal; awarded for Pop's 1950 active duty service in the Navy Reserves (during the Korean War period.)

Mud, Mules and Mountains cover, comic book by Bill Mauldin.  Pop’s caption: “Original edition bought at Stars and Stripes office, Naples, August 1944.  Note Wartime paper quality.  Original Cost 25 cents.”Pop’s caption: “Portion of child’s classroom book picked up while assigned to Imperial Hydrographic Office, Sasebo, Japan in January, 1946.  Note Propaganda for war woven into text.”Page 14 of the Japanese children's book, showing a scene of Japanese soldiers and civilians.
Face of coin from the Culion Leper Colony in the Phillipines.Rear of coin from Culion Leper Colony in the Phillipines.Pop's "ruptured duck" pin, issued to honorably discharged personnel during and after the war.  Reportedly it helped MP's looking for AWOL servicemen indentify discharged servicemen on sight.

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