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I started putting the site together after I went through my grandfather's World War II photo album and saw the hundreds of pictures and documents he saved over the years.  As a kid growing up, I thought I knew a lot about Jim Stanton (or Pop, as we grandkids called him) and his Naval service, but I was wrong.  I had gotten the highlights or funny anecdotes but I didn't have the whole picture.

Why do this?

I turned to books and the internet for information to help frame those photos and other items in their original context, but I only had moderate success.  So, I decided to gather what I had and put it on the web myself, so others could contribute what they know and those just starting out could possibly benefit from what I've already learned.

The namesake of this website are the two Patrol Torpedo (PT) Boats Stanton served on: PT 209 and PT 243.  Those two boats carried him on dangerous missions in the Mediterranean and Pacific Theaters and brought him back safely each time; I thought it was appropriate that this vessel of history bear the same name.

This site wouldn't be what it is without the help of PT 209 sailor Henry Beazley.  I had the pleasure of meeting Beazley after finding his information in Pop's records.  I recorded an interview and got his take on pictures and documents.  I returned the following month and brought my entire desktop computer setup to his house so I could scan some of the PT pictures he had in his collection.  It was another great visit!  "Hen" had a lot to add and answered a lot of my questions about PT operations and specifically talked to me about the 209 and his time at Base 17.

Jim's story is mainly of interest to me and my family, which is the target audience for the site.  However, it is typical of what so many American youth went through during the 1940's, so hopefully this information and photographs from Jim's time on PT's can help others looking for more on those fighting men and machines.  Thanks for visiting! Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/529385217096534/

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